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Not only am I a Reluctant Cook, I’m quite clearly a Reluctant Webmistress as well!

I’ve allowed this website to fall by the wayside as I haven’t updated it for some time. BUT I will.. soon!

I have a passion for not cooking.

In fact, I’d prefer to do almost anything else – but someone has to feed the ravenous horde, and in my family that task is often left to me.

Every now and then I make something which they like and sometimes my friends and family have been known to ask me for the recipe! So instead of writing recipes on napkins or in emails, I have decided to create this website and leave them here.

Olya Lutrov

Now that my three sons are adults, and occasionally dabble in the kitchen, this blog is primarily for them. A place they can visit, to recreate some of their favourite dishes which we’ve shared as a family.

/Olya xx

Featured Recipes

Blue Punch

Sure it looks like ‘Windex’ but it’s a delicious drink for a gathering. Make a punch bowl full and watch is disappear. Made it at our son’s 21st birthday party recently.

Mexican Mince with Rice

A tasty, hearty dish. Leftovers are great for uni lunches and post-sport and music gig meals. Make a great midnight snack for hungry boys..

Pasta Salad

Great salad to make when you need to ‘bring a plate’ to a BBQ, party or picnic. A little goes a long way so it’s good when there are lots of people to feed.

Steven and Ivan’s Mussel Soup

The brothers Lutrov (snr) make this delish soup for us a couple of times every year. They normally have to make a massive pot of this as everyone goes for seconds!

Ukrainian Beetroot Relish

We make this dish each year for Ukrainian Easter. The horseradish gives it a really good ‘punch’. This is my mum’s recipe.

My Recipes

Chickpeas with Tomato & Spinach

Chickpeas with Tomato & Spinach

This meal takes less than 30 minutes to make and is easy and very tasty. It’s vegetarian and gluten free! Great on it’s own or as a side dish.

Pasta Bake

Pasta Bake

My pasta bake is one of those meals which is great for leftovers and lunches and hungry boy’s midnight snacks! You can have it as a main with a salad or as a side dish.

Cherry Brandy & Strawberry Punch

Cherry Brandy & Strawberry Punch

This Cherry Brandy & Strawberry Punch is great for parties and gatherings. Easy to make and very delicious. You won’t have any left over!