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About Me

I really don’t like to cook. If I could outsource this task to a cute, live-in-chef, I would.. but I can’t, so I will have to continue to deal with the ‘What’s for dinner mum?’

Most of the meals I make are huge! They have to be, with three sons, a husband and often the boys’ girlfriends and mates drop in. Then there’s the snacks for after uni or gym or Ukrainian dancing or band gigs etc..

Let’s not forget about the midnight snacks!! My boys seem to enjoy the long, romantic walks to the fridge.

Cooking in itself isn’t sooo bad I guess, it’s everything else that goes along with it..


What to cook? Whenever I ask the family for inspiration, “What do you guys want for dinner?” the response is almost always “Anything would be great!”. One huge bonus is that they are not a fussy lot. This could be because when they were younger, if they didn’t like the meal which was ‘presented’ to them they could help themselves to anything from the fruit bowl. No other alternatives were offered. There is no way I was going to be accommodating different ‘paletes’.


Then there’s the shopping! When you’ve bought all the ‘stuff’, you look like a pack mule as you carry the bags into to house – in one go! Always! Now you wait for the blood to start flowing back into your fingertips, having been practically amputated by the weight of all the bags

In the end

Sometimes though, it’s all worth it. Enjoying the company of my family and friends over a nice meal and some great Aussie wine is a blessing. I value those special times.